Friday Faves: In no particular order.

I'd like to get back to sharing my favourite people, places and things with you again. This practice is yet another on the list of writing related things that bring me joy and I'm all about getting and giving joy where and when I can. Especially when our current world can seem like a giant mountain of poop some days.  

I've taken to using the hashtags #shoplocal, #shopsmall, and #askmewhere on my Social Media posts lately and I wholeheartedly believe in local/small/ethical consumerism and love to help others discover really cool companies to support.

And I like to shop. Plain and simple. Pretty new things also bring me much joy. 

So, without further ado, here are my current favourites:

1. Everlane High-waist Wide-leg Cropped pants

Ok, listen up women. We've been doing pants wrong. We all have a natural waist and we've been ignoring it for years. I stumbled across high waist jeans last year when I got my first pair of high waist Gwen jeans from Fidelity Denim and now, I swear I don't want to wear anything BUT high waist pants anymore.  High waist pants are the freaking cat's meow people! They make you look taller, they contain what may otherwise (with a low waist pant) appear as "muffin-top, and in my case, actually help me with my posture and gait post hip and knee surgery. 

They are like miracle pants! Basically - just do it. Jump on this here bandwagon and stand a little taller in your fancy ass high waist pants! (Oh, and yes, your ass will look rather nice too.)

Everlane Wide Leg High Waist Cropped Pant   (not so cropped on me of course!)

Everlane Wide Leg High Waist Cropped Pant

(not so cropped on me of course!)

2. Knix Padded Evolution Bra and High Waist Luxe Underwear. 

I've been a fan of the Knixwear Evolution bra since it's Kickstarter days and I have a few of them, but I JUST ordered a padded one this past month. And now I have ordered another one. I like it that much! Full disclosure, I've also tried the V-neck bra, but I don't like it as much as the original Evolution bra. Oh and since I am on a high-waist kick at the moment, I am also loving the Luxe High Rise briefs from Knixwear as well. 

Pro-tip ladies - high waist or retro briefs are great under skirts and dresses, again, getting rid of those pesky muffin panty lines. Do not know the so-called granny panties, our Grannies knew a thing or two about undergarments!

3. Boocha

Do you like kombucha? Do you even know what kombucha is? Never mind. The details don't really matter (and may gross you out a bit). Just know that it is good and good for you. And there is a local company here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada making the yummiest handcrafted kombucha. They are called boocha. You can find their kombucha bottled in their cute stub-neck brown bottles at various cafe's and businesses in the city and on tap at a few places too. And rumour has it, boocha makes a great mix for cocktails. My personal trainer fully endorsed this idea this morning as a healthy alternative to pop or juice for your fancy drinks. ;)

Testing all the flavours to find my favourite. (missing is the Lavender one - which is super Yummy too!)

Testing all the flavours to find my favourite. (missing is the Lavender one - which is super Yummy too!)

4. PURA Botanicals Skincare

I hate winter. Ok, fine, I don't really hate it, I just hate how dry my skin gets in winter. In order to combat the epic dryness that our extended winter's inevitably bring, I started using PURA Botanicals skin care this past fall. And I am in LOVE. First off, all of the Pura products are made in small batches of the most pristine plant-based, non-toxic ingredients. Second, they SMELL amazing, and last but not least, they work. I now have the softest, loveliest, skin ever, and have not had that tight dryness feeling in my face all winter. I am particularly fond of the Overnight Watermelon Mask and the Ambrosia Beautifying Serum. And for those winter getaways, I can't recommend the little sample/travel kit enough. Everything is the perfect size to get you through a week away, without having to lug around all your big pots of product. 



5. The Poppy Barley Satchel

I am forever on the hunt for the "PERFECT PURSE". You know, the one that is not too big, not too small, can fit all the things I need, but also force me to edit what I actually need to be carrying around so I don't end up with a Mary Poppins carpet bag purse where things get lost in the far recesses. 

I think I may have found it, thanks to Poppy Barley. I already have The Essentials Purse from PB, and I love it for when I just need my wallet and my phone and a lipgloss or two. The Essential is perfect for a night out and when a purse is needed, but a sequenced clutch would be too much. For those other times when I need a little more room, the newest addition to the PB Accessories line, I think The Shoulder Satchel is the one. It's got a classic, sophisticated look to it, can fit an iPad (and everything else I need), and can be held with the handle or worn cross body. It looks and feels like a proper grown-up purse and one that will never go out of style. 

Now, I just need to decide if I want the Black or the Caramel...?


And there you have it, my current list of favourite things. What are some of yours? Let me know in the comments. And as always, know that I like to #shopsmall, #shoplocal and give shout outs to companies that are run by women and for women. 

Have a great weekend everyone!