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We made it y’all!

The year that felt like it would never end is actually coming to a close. Someone asked me when the next Winter Olympics are this past week and I had to remind them and myself that it was THIS year!

To say this was an exhausting year is a rather large understatement and I think we are all feeling it. I mean, I am not advocating face tattoos, but Post Malone’s “always tired” ink might be the most on point thing of 2018.

All that being said, this past month I’ve embraced the Holiday season with gusto! Decorations went up on the first of December and Christmas threw up in the most beautiful way all over my house.

The #upstairstree

The #upstairstree

I may have gone a bit overboard with gifting this year, but it’s so hard when you keep finding THE perfect gifts for people from so many of my favourite local shops. I spent a fair amount of time shopping along 124th street this year and at my yearly visit to The Royal Bison show.

Check out Studio Bloom in 124st when yoU get a chance.

Check out Studio Bloom in 124st when yoU get a chance.

I’ve mentioned my new found craftiness in an earlier post, and after many dance classes and soccer practices with my craft/knitting/stitching bag in tow, last night I finally finished my last project. This one was for me and I think it’s pretty “on brand” for who I am and what I want to continue to be in 2019.

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Joyous Kwanzaa, and all the best for a less exhausting 2019!

Love and peace to you all, and thank you for continuing to read my stuff, and sticking with me through the years!

#professioNalenthusiast  sweaTer inspiration from @ linguafrancaNYC


sweaTer inspiration from @linguafrancaNYC