sunday meditation

If you ask me to set up a new habit, I’ll last about 2.5 weeks.

Meditation, working out, new eating plan, whatever.

I’ll give almost anything a good try for a few weeks.

And then….

Well, let’s just say things often just kind of peter out.

But I do have one practice that I am faithful to every week.

It is one that makes me feel a sense of accomplishment. It soothes the part of my brain that needs order. And in a world where so many things can feel out of control, accomplishment and order feels good.






On Sunday nights, I turn this:


Into this:


Yes, that is right. I enjoy folding laundry. Judge me if you must, but the repetition, the uniformity, the creating of order from chaos.

This is my meditation.

My one steady habit.

Also, it gives me a good excuse to binge-watch the second season of The Good Place.

My other really established habit (the Netflix).

Oh and so we are clear, I fold, everyone puts their own laundry away!