soul medicine

Music takes me to good places.

Places where I move, and I am moved, and then cry, and love, and remember, and then cry some more.

Music can also gets me out of a bad place, and for various reasons, this week, I’ve been in some bad places. Sad places, mad places, places that make me want to curl up and not participate in the regularly scheduled program that is my life. (You get that these “places” are in my mind right?)

Today I wanted out of those places.

And so this day is brought to you by two albums I have been listening to on repeat all damn day long.

The first is the re-imagined soundtrack of The Greatest Showman. A beautiful movie, incredibly well-done, about a super-duper problematic white dude who abused and exploited many of his performers and animals.

AND RIGHT NOW I DON’T CARE ABOUT THAT, because I LOVE this soundtrack. These reimagined tracks, recorded by various wonderful artists is SUPERB! I am particularly in love with the Panic! at the Disco version of “The Greatest Show”, Pink’s ‘A Million Dreams” and the Missy Elliot/Kesha/Keala Settle version of “This is Me”. I mean, talk about personal theme songs!


Album number two is of course, the soundtrack from A Star is Born. I mean, come on! THIS MOVIE! I cried so much and I loved it so much and I want Bradley Cooper’s Jackson Maine to be my personal folk/country/rock singer boyfriend FOREVER! I literally fought with my music industry professional brother-in-law this past weekend when he deigned to try to tell me that Bradley didn’t play the guitar in the movie or sing and record the vocals live. I TOTALLY WON THAT ONE - because no one messes with my make-believe, messed-up, drunken, country/folk/rock singing, guitar playing boyfriend!

And GAGA was a GAWDAMMN phenomenon in this movie. A vision, a star, a freaking super NOVA. Umm, yeah, so…

I’m a bit of a fan-girl.


It worked.

Like it always does.

Music is like medicine for my soul and today I needed a big IV bag full of that medicine delivered straight to my insides. (via my lovely Bose noise-cancelling headphones - good gawd do I ever love these things!)

Happy listening people.

Remember to take your soul medicine!



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