Board-Approved Non-Instructional Days

Our school system has established this weird “November Break” where the kids are off for a total of 5 days (including the weekend). It’s a bit frustrating actually. It’s not quite long enough to take a full on vacation (although quite a few folks I know do and just take the whole week anyway) and it is also not short enough to just be a super long weekend kind of thing. Nearby places to take off to (ie, the Rocky Mountains in Jasper or Banff) are in the shoulder season and while you can find some good deals on hotels during these times, many restaurants and shops in these towns are closed and the weather is completely unpredictable - some years there is enough snow and ice to do winter activities, other years you can hike the more popular trails easy peasy and with far less tourists around.

I am sure if I had my shit together, I could have figured out something for us to do, but in the end, I said “Fuck it, we are just staying home and chilling this year”. Probably because I am kinda tired of being the planner of EVERYTHING and also….


Nope, actually that is it. I was too damn tired and fed up to book anything and have it all on me to be the family travel agent. AGAIN.

So we’ve been staying home, watching movies and Netflix shows (we are all totally into The Dragon Prince right now), the kids are probably playing WAY too much Fortnite and Roblox, and I am trying to maintain my regularly scheduled activities and giving them some independence while I am at it. Oh, and my friend Marissa also gave them a job this week and they have been delivering handbills all over our neighbourhood for the AMAZING #MadeinAlberta On the Spot Pop Up Show happening this weekend in Edmonton. (They were motivated to do this mainly because one of our “Family Gaming Rules” is if they want money to buy anything from an App or Game, they have to earn it, it can not come from their allowance.)

Go to this and do ALL your Christmas shopping this weekend!

Go to this and do ALL your Christmas shopping this weekend!

You’d think with all of these “days off” I would’ve had plenty of time to write and keep up with #NaBloPoMo. Well, you’d be wrong. Days off for kids ACTUALLY means days ON for parents. I mean, I know I should not complain TOO MUCH about them wanting to hang out with me. I know this phase won’t last much longer. And yes, I am digging the past few lazy mornings cuddled up in my bed and their dad coming to give us all kisses goodbye as he heads out to work. But I am a Capricorn people! Order and routine are my JAMS.

Come to think of it though, I’ve actually accomplished quite a few things in the past few days, with some help from the kids and my handy dandy paper To Do lists. I picked up what needed picking up, returned what needed returning. Finished a template/sample of a new crafty thing I am working on. Made a trip to IKEA - IN AND OUT in under 45 minutes - WINNING! And rearranged the whole basement in order to make us a new workout/practice/home gym space.

If I build it, I will come (use it). Right?

If I build it, I will come (use it). Right?

I really have no point to this post other than, LOOK, I wrote all these words just to tell you why I haven’t been getting my posts written and up on the blog, But, look, LOTS OF WORDS. And I am about to hit publish.

So there.

I only missed three days.

I am NOT throwing in the towel on this thing!




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