Sharing time.

Life is kind of throwing me a few curve balls at the moment. So to get myself out of my own head and out of this funk, I thought it was about that time again.

Time to let you in on all the cool and awesome, people, places and things that I am loving right now!

Here we go...

I get a lot of compliments on my eyebrows. Which is kind of hilarious, because you should have seen these thick hairy babies when I was in high school. Or in the early 00's when I went a little pluck crazy! I've since learned my lessons on proper brow maintenance and these are my three secrets to great looking eyebrows. 

  1. Threading. NO MORE WAXING! I feel a bit like Joan Crawford in Mommy Dearest when I write that, but I swear I will not beat you over the head with the hot wax popsicle stick. Threading is gentler on the sensitive skin around your eyes, you rarely get the bumpies afterwards like you do after waxing and is quite a bit cheaper than waxing (I have never paid more than $10.00)! If you are in #YEG, go see the talented women at Tres Xhic Salon in Terwilligar.
  2. Kevin Aucoin's Precision Brow pencil. Long-wearing, water-resistant, with a brush on one end and the retractable pencil on the other. This is one of my MUST HAVE products in my make-up drawer and it should be in yours too. In Edmonton, you can find it at LUX Beauty Boutique
  3. I've been a big fan of Blinc's tubing mascara for a few years now, so when the ladies at LUX recommended I try the new Blinc Eyebrow Mousse, I listened. And I am so glad I did. This product goes on with a bit of colour (or you can get the clear one), helps keep all your eyebrow hairs in place for the whole day and doesn't smudge or wipe off, even in hot & sticky weather. 

Now off with you all to the salon for some threading and brow products!

What woman is not constantly on the hunt for the perfect pair of underwear? Ones that don't ride up, leave panty lines, or are just a bit TOO much thong. The struggle is real people! 

I have been a Hanky Panky Low-Rise wearer for a very long time, but recently have wanted something to cover up my tooshie a bit more (Seriously, this is what middle-aged does to a woman-SIGH). I crowd-sourced my peeps on FaceBook to see what they recommend and then I was off on the "Great Underwear Search of 2015". Or so I thought. One of my friends had recommended a new brand that is carried by my hyper local friendly clothing boutique (it is literally blocks from my house) and off I went to check them out. I bought a boyshorts style and one of the more high-tech activewear thong styles as well.

HANDS DOWN, these are the most comfy undies I have ever worn, and to be honest, it almost feels like I am not even wearing any. These fancy knickers are called Knixwear and they have a full range of undies that are seamless, moisture wicking, feel light as air and are perfect under all those summer dresses or skirts. I have to say that the Seamless Boyshorts are my faves. The thong is good too, but definitely not as seamless as I was looking for. I warn you, these are not cheap, and will put you back $26.00 a pair. So don't go crazy - just get one or two (in each neutral colour).

For reference, and because I have a rather round boot-ay - I am wearing the boyshort in a Size Medium.

Happy covered bum = happy me!

I love cafés. If someone were to ask me what my happy place is, I would tell them it is a quaint little neighbourhood cafe, with a perfect cappuccino in front of me and either a good book to read, or my laptop open to do some writing. I love watching all the different people that come and go from the café, sometimes I eavesdrop on conversations, sometimes I meet with friends, but more often then not, I love just sitting alone, having what I like to call my noisy-quiet-ME-time. I've been doing a bit of a café tour in my city lately and have stumbled upon two wonderful gems that I must share. 

The first is Little Brick Cafe. It is a perfectly lovely cafe situated in the old refurbished 1903 house of one J.B. Little, the original owner of The Brickyard in Edmonton. I love everything about this place. The wonderful outdoor space and various tables scattered throughout the yard, the pallet gardens growing their own veggies and herbs, the General Store that sells everything from a bocce ball set, to locally made soaps, to handmade salted caramel marshmallows. Oh, and the coffee is FANTASTIC, as is the food. My go to dish is the Smashed Egg on Toast, but if you want to indulge a bit, then you must try their french toast. SO GOOD! 

Little Brick is definitely a destination café stop, unless you are lucky enough to live in the Riverdale community and can simply walk over, but I promise you it is one you won't regret! 

My second local café recommendation is one that has been opened by one of my favourite shops in town. The talented women who design, make, and own Salgado Fenwick have opened up Barking Buffalo Cafe right in their store! Yes, that is right people, they make their clothes AND coffee right in front of you. I've raved about their clothing line before and I'll do so again - BEST t-shirts and designs ever! And now you can shop, sip on a delicious ethically-sourced coffee, enjoy the seating-inside or out, and soak in all the locally made goodness all around you. Shopping and eating and drinking coffee on 124th Street just keeps getting better and better!

A good pair of summer pants can be hard to find. Especially if you are someone who doesn't like to/want to wear white, is not into anything linen (hello saggy bottom), and has that impossible waist to bum to hips ratio where every pair of pants need a belt, because you are one size for your bum/hips, but another for your waist.

Enter the perfect pants. I AM NOT KIDDING! 

The Pilcro Hyphen Chinos from Anthropologie. 

I am so in love with these pants. They come in a whole rainbow of colours-I went with the soft pink-which was as close as I was going to get to white, fit true to size AND come in Tall, Regular and Petite, and I DON'T NEED TO WEAR A BELT! I love pairing them with a white graphic tee or tank top and my gold trimmed gladiator sandals. I love these pants so much, that I braved trying on the shorts version of them (which are a much shorter short than I am usually comfortable wearing) and they too are perfect!  

Moral of the story - you can go to Anthropologie and buy something without a bird, oddly placed stripe, or doilie on it. Wardrobe staples can be found too and they will fit YOU! 

It's hard to take a good picture of pants that is not an awful bathroom selfie. So here you go, the perfect pants, right hand in my pocket and yes, that is a brand new pedicure!

It's hard to take a good picture of pants that is not an awful bathroom selfie. So here you go, the perfect pants, right hand in my pocket and yes, that is a brand new pedicure!

That's it for this time around. Happy shopping and coffee drinking everyone!