Bad Feminists unite!

I am in love with Roxane Gay. 

I have been reading her book Bad Feminist and it is fan-freaking-tastic. She is one of the handful of writers I want to be like/write like when I grow up. 

And her TEDWomen 2015 talk just made me cry and then clap like I was in that audience listening to her (while I am in fact, alone in my office, with my kids watching more "Almost Naked Animals" in the other room.) 

Watch it. Roxane's talk, not the weird naked animals cartoon.

And then watch it again, because it is that good and you are going to want to absorb all of her words into your brains! (You can also read the transcript on the TED site if that's more your style.)

I love you Roxane.

Thank you.


P.S. Oh, and speaking of style, this bad feminist just got herself a bad-ass haircut this week! And I am learning to embrace those well-earned laugh lines around my eyes and the fact that my freckles are melting together.