it's a kinda magic

What makes a good story?

We all know it when we read one or watch one unfold on TV or in the movies. They have character development, prose or cinematography that paints incredible pictures and scenes for us, there is conflict, cliff hangers, love, loss, strife, triumph, laughter, sadness... the list goes on and on. 

But what really makes something a GOOD story?

I think it's one that makes you feel something deep in your core. One that makes you think. One that takes you on a journey away from your familiar places and the spaces in your own mind and opens you up to new ideas, new thoughts, different lives... even if it's just for a minute or two. 

For me, blogging has always been about the story. Whether it is my own story or me learning from and sharing the stories of others. I truly love this medium and the stories that I get to read and the ones I get to write and share as well.

My daughter is currently obsessed with the movie Maleficent and we are reading the novelized version of it at bedtime these days. We've just reached the chapter where Maleficent puts Aurora to sleep and floats her beyond the thorn wall into the faery land of the Moors. To me, this is what if feels like when I read a good story: I am completely entranced and taken away to a magical land and I just don't want the magic to end.

I am currently at the Mom 2.0 Summit in Scottsdale Arizona, surrounded by wonderful faeries of all walks of life who are sharing their stories and casting their magical spells of word-craft all over and around my heart and my mind.

We are here to celebrate these feats of wonder, to share our spells and potions with each other and to come out on the other side of the thorn wall even more ready to share our magic with the rest of the world and rain faery dust all over the internet and bring you all into our lands to feel the magic of... 


The Arizona version of the wall of thorns

The Arizona version of the wall of thorns



(Basically, I just wanted to warn you that all my tweets, posts and Instagram pictures for the next 72 hours will be of amazing people, this beautiful faeryland called The Phoenician Hotel and all the magic that is the #mom2summit.)