Christmas Shopping in #YEG: the last minute #buylocal guide.

You've got a week.

One week until Christmas Eve. Well, technically eight days. I know some of you keeners finished your gift shopping in October, but there are those of us who have left things to the last minute, because, really, it didn't feel like Christmas around here until about a week ago. 

Don't worry, I've got your back and am here to help you out. This list is mostly going to be for all my local readers, because if you are an online kind of shopper, at this point, unless you want to pay a week's salary for express shipping, you are kinda hooped! 

Since you've got eight days to go, here is a list of eight of my favourite local shops. I guarantee you'll find something for whoever you are shopping for at one of these great, local shops in Edmonton.

1. Salgado Fenwick - Everyone likes a cool t-shirt and there are plenty to be found here. Along with some great accessories (you have to check out the travel laundry bags for the frequent flyer on your list), artwork and some locally made jewelry and cards too. And you can sit down and write your Christmas cards and have a nice cappuccino in the Barking Buffalo Cafe while you are there. They are also having a cool "wrapping" event tonight if you are around and want to check it out!

2. Little Brick Café - Yes, it's true. Besides the great coffee and ambiance of the Little Brick coffee shop, there is also a small 'General Store' that houses a nice selection of unique gifts and locally made products like soaps, books, t-shirts and cooking and coffee making paraphernalia. As you can see, I am a fan of coffee and shopping together!

Santa shops HERE!

Santa shops HERE!


3. Jilly's - I work out at Infinite Fitness 3-4 times a week, which is two doors down from this beautiful gift shop in Edmonton's southside neighbourhood of Terwilligar. This basically means that I am in this shop at least once a week. You'll find something there for your mother-in-law, your sister, your niece and nephew, and maybe even your dad. Check out the cute Living Royal socks that I love to put in everyone's stockings, their great selection of locally designed jewelry, and all the fun and stylish Christmas decorations that fill the store at this time of year. 


4. 4Cats Art Studio - My kids and I love our local art studios and the wonderful women who run the three that we frequent regularly (in Riverbend, on Calgary Trail and in Summerside). Now you can bring home some of the fun of 4Cats with their great little gift sets. The polymer clay kits are a perfect stocking stuffer and the canvas art kits are great for anyone who wants to unleash their inner artist! 

5. Any shop in the HighStreet/124 Street shopping district. I know it's a pain to get to these shops right now with the bridge being closed, but please, take the time to get over there and spend your shopping dollars with these local businesses, they need to know how much we value them especially with the challenges surrounding the area.. Hit up Cloud Nine to get everyone a new set of Christmas PJs, visit Paddy's Cheese Market to get all the fancy/stinky/deliciousness for your parties. And to all the dudes - GO TO LUX Beauty Boutique! Trust me. And they will wrap it all up for you too. Carbon Environmental Boutique is the place to buy for the environmentally conscious folks on your lists, and if you are looking for unique and trendy - Red Ribbon is your shop. Henry's PFT will take care of those who like to beautify their homes, and if all else fails, hit up The Wine Cellar and get them a great bottle of wine. 


6. Habitat etc.- I can't NOT stop in this shop anytime I am on 104 Street. It's tiny and if you blink you might miss it (corner of 104 St and 102 Ave), but it is worth paying for parking downtown to go! If only to smell all the wonderful candles they carry. Need a gin making kit for someone? They have that. Want some cool wood sunglasses? They have those too. I really like this shop for those hard-to-buy-for husbands and boyfriends. Something from here will work. I promise!

7. And while you are downtown, another great place to shop is Workhall Studio. Not only are they a great local designer whose clothing line is simple and versatile and bloody gorgeous, but for every garment you purchase from them, they will send one to a local women's shelter. I know where I would love my Santa to shop this year!! (HINT! HINT!)

8. There are those people for whom you really just need to get a box of chocolates. And this is totally fine, but why not make it some locally made chocolates from Jacek this year? I almost hate eating these chocolates, because they really are tiny little pieces of art. But I will! Because they are also extremely delicious! 


Ok, there you have it everyone. Now, go forth and shop and get it all done, so you can put up your feet in some fuzzy socks, have a nice hot chocolate or cappuccino or mulled wine and relax knowing that everyone is going to be happy with their awesome gifts this year!

Merry, happy, joy, joy,