my day of abundance

1. Second best #BreakfastClub EVER (2nd only because #JohnBenderForever) with @thejennui, @schmutzie, and @tanis_eh, and NOT ONE PICTURE taken between the four of us. It's like we forgot who we are? Oh, and four hours goes by super fast with fabulous internet friends you only see a few times a year!

2. Found my new theme song... 


3. CANADA VOTED FOR CHANGE and Justin Trudeau is our new Prime Minister. Yeah, he's pretty, but he has a lot of work to do, and I am going to be ON him to live up to the hype!

Prime Minister #notJoshGroban

Prime Minister #notJoshGroban

4. New #StarWars trailer is released and apparently a bunch of white boys are mad cause GIRLS and BLACK Characters are the leads in this movie, and they want you to boycott the movie because of this. Please boycott it all you want crybabies. More seats for the rest of us!

It was a good day, everyone. 

A good day indeed.