notice anything?

I kinda moved. 

I have been dreaming about having my site professionally designed for the last few years and I finally decided that this was the year to do it. And I knew from the get-go who I wanted to design it for me. 

After a couple of very tangential Skype conversations with the uber-talented Elan Morgan of (we tend to catch up/shop/talk about ALL THE THINGS when we "see" each other), she managed to piece together the actual website designing parts of our "meetings" and build me a website that is SO MUCH ME, I seriously can't stop smiling when I look at it! 


Welcome to my new home on the internet. I really hope you like it as much as I do, although I am not sure if that is entirely possible, because I love, love, LOVE it! 

Have a peek around. You can find past posts by Month, Tags or Categories by clicking on the picture of my little family of shadows, learn all kinds of quirky things about me by clicking on my lovely selfie (taken in the restroom at the Cookoo in Coombs Trattoria & Pizzaria restaurant because I was having a really good hair day!) and be sure to Subscribe to get new posts delivered right to your email or RSS feed by clicking on the kids and their real life hungry, hungry caterpillar friend! 

Yesterday I wrote the Stay at Home Feminist's Christmas Gift Guide post and was all set to publish it on my Wordpress site as a kind of last hurrah over there. And then, like some kind of karmic message from the internet, WP ate my post. I guess it was just not meant to be anymore. As you can see, I am now working and writing on Squarespace and I am excited to figure out all the cool things that I can do on this platform. 

Right now I am re-writng the Christmas Gift Guide and it will be posted tomorrow for Feminist Fare Friday. 

Until then, Subscribe! Catch up on posts you've missed and please leave me (and Elan) comments and feedback on my new internet home! 

'Til tomorrow!