six months ago : today

Six months ago, this day seemed so very, very, far away.

Six months ago, he was fighting for his life, with machines breathing for him, pumping his heart for him and cleaning his blood for him. 

Six months ago, for the most terrifying five minutes of my life, I was thinking I'd have to plan a different kind of celebration of life. 

Six months ago, he was my tiny baby boy and all I could do was hold his hand and hope that my love and strength flowed into him like the cocktail of medicines did via his intravenous lines. 

infusing love and strength 

Six months ago, he had to learn to walk again. And then run. And then climb. 

Six months seems like forever, and somehow also not that long ago. We have daily reminders of what was and the challenges ahead, but they are getting smaller and smaller as we get further and further away from that time. 

TODAY, he is 8 years old! 

Today, he is wearing the new T-Rex shirt that I got him for his birthday. He made Holiday Rice Krispie treats to share with all his classmates. He ran and jumped in the snow this morning as we took the dog for a walk before school. 

Today, he will swim at his swimming lessons like the fish-boy he is and as usual, he'll outpace most of the other kids in his class.

Today, I am getting everything ready for his birthday party tomorrow and have never been happier to make this many cupcakes in all my life! 

Today, I am grateful for so much. For the immense and wonderful health care team that brought him back to us. For so many friends and family who held us up and provided us the needed strength and support to make it through the past six months. For his teachers and coaches and friends who don't see a kid with a disability and who continue to challenge him to grow and learn and be his very best self every day. 

Today, I am the proud, thankful, and overjoyed mother of this KID!

Birthday Cuddles

Happy Birthday Beautiful Boy!

{I love you ONE}