Snowed in.

Today it snowed. And we were supposed to leave for a family weekend getaway in the mountains. The car was packed, everyone had their movies queued up on the iPads and we were good to go.


We live on a street in a valley.

And I made an appointment to have my winter tires put on NEXT week.

My poor car couldn't even make it up the hill in front of our house to get out of our neighbourhood.

We had to park a block away, grab all our stuff and walk back home.

Four people, walking home, all looking pretty much like this.


So we fired up the fireplace (flicked the switch actually) and settled in for a day of movies, games, naps, dinner out and a new Wii Dance game.

The day ended far better than it started.

I am still disappointed that I have to cook meals all weekend, but we are together and we are going to have a fun little staycation (the kids are on a 5 day break from school).

And next year, I'll book my tire change at the beginning of October and look more seriously into heading to Palm Springs for this fall break thing!



Day 8.