bathed in blue light

The Lights

We are getting new street lamps in our neighbourhood. This is a good thing. We are in an older hood, the old lamp posts were starting to get all rusty and nasty looking and in an effort to be a greener city, the new lamps have LED lights in them and are much more effective at actually lighting up the streets. I saw the workers on our street this morning digging up more holes with an auger, but I didn't think much of it, because 90% of the lamp bases have already been installed on our block. And then I came home and saw what they had done and now I am rather pissed off!

This is the configuration of the three (yes, 3!) VERY BRIGHT new street lamps that will now be surrounding our house.  Number 1 is the replacement for the existing lamp post and #2 and #3 are new. Our house and property is literally going to be bathed in a swath of blue-ish, somewhat creepy LED light from about 5:30 PM to 7:30 AM from now until late, late spring.


The Lights


We've made some calls and left messages and I've sent a few tweets to my city councillor, but I am not sure if it is going to change anything, since the crew poured the cement for the bases while we were having dinner tonight. And I hate to be a complainer, but to be honest, we are paying for these particular lights (our neighbourhood voted to get the upgraded fancy light posts), and since we didn't get any kind of notice from the city about the placement of these two new lights, I feel like an explanation or some consideration of what we would like is in order.

I am probably overreacting. Maybe. I mean, it's just street lamps right?. And who doesn't want to have their street well lit at night. Right. Or... maybe this is a big deal. That sure does seem like a lot of lights for one corner. When does light pollution outweigh the green LED initiative to save money and energy? Because with this amount of lamps going in around our property, I will be able to sit in my backyard in the dead of night and comfortably read a book!

And now I am starting to sound like the crazy neighbour lady getting all bent out of shape over lights. OY!

OK, I'll just have to focus less on the lights and more on the re-landscaping that we are planning for next spring. I am not sure if I have mentioned it, but our yard is going to be EPIC!

I have even more than halfway convinced The Consort that I need a cool shed/writing studio thingy. I was thinking something along these lines...


This little baby house should take my focus away from all that eerie blue light, right?



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