For your viewing pleasure...

Here's the deal. I had this really deep, insightful post that I was working on earlier today... and then something shiny must have grabbed my attention, because I totally lost my train of thought and couldn't get it back on track to save my life or the post, which is now sitting in my ever growing draft folder. BUT...

I really, really wanted to publish something today and I have been watching videos on Youtube for the last 40 minutes. So now you get a list of what makes me cry, laugh, laugh some more and then drool. I won't blame you if you never want to come back again... but I do hope you will. Please tell me some of you 'get me'.


1. This one might make you cry. I did.



2. I know you've probably all seen "The Fox" video from Ylvis, but this one is my new fave!!



3. Best poop commercial EVER! Also, B tells me that they have some of this at his office and it totally works!



4. Miley Cyrus released her new video last week and then this happened! I can't stop laughing!



5. Not a video, but you have to check out these shots of my TV boyfriend, Kit Harington. Makes me wish Winter would just get here already (sadly it won't until Spring 2014)!! Mama needs some SNOW!


Good night all!