How to relieve tension: A list.

I feel like today is a list day. The past few days (weeks?) have been trying ones around here. I have an almost 7 year old son who wishes he was a grown up so he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants, who thinks he KNOWS everything and who likes to speak at a volume that most people reserve for the front row of an ACDC concert.

So because of all the yelling that I have been doing, all the frustrations I am feeling, all the tension in my upper back, I give you the following:

The top 15 reasons my kid is the BEST EVER!

1. He gives full body hugs. Arms, legs, all of him is in it. 

2. Regardless of how crappy our day is, he tells me how much he loves me before he goes to sleep at night. Most of the time it is "more than all the grains of sand on all the beaches in all the world".

3. He knows more about dinosaurs than any other person I know, big or little!

4. He still crawls into bed with me every morning for a snuggle and sleeps in my arms exactly like he did when he was an infant. 

5. He has the core strength of an Olympic gymnast and could likely shame a grown man with his plank and one handed push ups!

6. He has some MAD illustrating skills and can draw a wicked Godzilla (circa 1998). 

7. When he laughs, he does so with his whole body and soul!

8. He bugs her mercilessly every day, but on the playground, NO ONE messes with his baby sister.

9. He can climb anything. And scares the SHIT out of me doing so!

10. He wears his heart on his sleeve and is not afraid of his emotions or of showing them. It's the part of him I know he got from me.

11. We have a secret mom and kid handshake that means "I love you".

12. He will eat almost anything at least once!

13. He calls me on my bad language or when I break any of our house rules.

14. He is not fearless, but will push himself to face his fears and overcome them. 

15. He is and always will be my baby boy!

My Boy

I do love this kid!



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