Try, try, try.

You are eleven years old. You are not good enough.

Not pretty enough.

Not smart enough.

Not worthy of his love, his time, his attention.

You are not his daughter anymore.

In the years to come

You will let countless others use you in the name of feeling something that you think is love.

You will think this means that you are wanted.

You will ask yourself over and over, every year,


What did you do?

Why did he disappear? Why did he not fight for you?

You will think it is because you are a girl and that he wanted a boy.

You will spend your life trying to please those who claim to love you.

You will give too much,

and keep nothing for yourself.

Your heart will be broken over and over

and over again.

But you won't give up.

There is a strength in you.

It is buried


But it is there.

And so you keep getting up,

You keep trying.

Because you are worthy.

You are loveable.

You are amazing.

You are strong.

You will make things right.

You know that you will never be perfect,

And that perfection is not the goal.

You know that time will heal.

You know what you need to do.


Love yourself first.



I can't stop listening to this song from the incredible, incomparable, PINK!