Thankful for silliness and sinus medication.

I am in a bit of a fog, so please forgive me. I have a head cold, I have already taken the night-time meds, and I may be a bit delirious!

And for the past two days, I have also been {finally} finishing up my books and accounting for the store.

To say that I am bug-eyed, number crunched and reconciled completely OUT  is a severe understatement.

Although I have to say that I am 99.2% DONE and ready to pass it on to my accountant.

That being said...

To further procrastinate some more take a break earlier, I headed over to @schmutzie's blog and saw this post!

And I cracked up BIG time!

So, in honor of her and because I am high on cold medication.

Here I am in my #HideousSelfie glory!!

I think the sinus cold bags under my eyes really takes it to a new level, don't you?

Good Night All!