what mamas day dream about

Sometimes I daydream about a different life. Not that I want a different life, but some days are harder than others and my mind wanders...

I dream about grabbing my car keys and heading out the door to hit my favourite trendy cafe and then staying there for hours sipping on flat whites and reading my book.

I walk by stores in the mall and lust after "work" clothes! Beautiful pencil skirts and and blouses and shoes with heels!

I talk to my friends who have careers and who are making a difference in their worlds and I wonder if I am missing out, if I gave up too easily on that path. I wonder what my dream job would be now....

I dream of booking a last minute tropical vacation for Natural Urban Dad and I and just showing up at his office with our suitcases and tickets and taking off!

I dream of a whole night's rest and then SLEEPING IN UNTIL 10 AM!!  Totally uninterrupted, totally nude and totally by myself in a huge king sized bed with that fabulous Heavenly Bedding from the Westin Hotels!!

I dream about having fabulous dinners with all my girlfriends and being oh, so 'Sex and the City 'about it all! No babysitter to pay, no "it's a school night" self-imposed curfew, no worries about how many martinis I am having.

I dream about having a different body, one that is not sagging, bunching or dimpling as much as this one is. And one that I don't have to work so hard to get.

But mostly I dream about quiet.

Quiet walks with just me and the dog. Quiet baths with just me and the bubbles. Quiet time with just me, a glass of wine and my laptop to write and read and write and read and then write some more.

It's perhaps why I am always up so late. THIS is my quiet time around here. After the kids are bathed and in bed, the dishes are washed, the laundry folded, emails answered, workout completed, to do lists created and all is DONE.

Now if only I didn't need all this sleep.

But then again, that is when the really good dreams come...

Photo Credit: nicole.pierce.photography's Photostream on Flickr

 What about you? What do you daydream about?

Until tomorrow's quiet hours,



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