18 things that I think about EVERY Day

Since I can't remember the awesome blog post idea that I had only hour ago is, I am taking a page from @Schmutzie's playbook today and I am going to give you a list! So here ,in no particular order, is a list of 18 things that cross my mind daily...

1. Why is there not a specialty coffee delivery service/van/company? Seriously, someone please get on that!

2. Why is it that my kids can remember EVERY SINGLE bad word I say, but can't remember where they put the toy they were playing with not 10 minutes ago?

3. Did anyone else secretly wish that Victor Newman was their long lost father when they were growing up?

4. Why are there so many damn spiders in my NEW house!!??

5. I really need a pedicure and a massage. At least bi-weekly.

6. How exactly does one know if the hundreds of dollars spent on anti-aging products are actually working?

7. What the heck is for dinner tonight?

8. I really wish I could remember where I put those fancy new hair twisty clips/bobby pin things that cost me twenty bucks!

9. How on earth did I get a bruise THERE?

10. Should I cut my hair REALLY, REALLY short?

11. Crap, I forgot to take my meds again.

12. I really hate our dining room light. I must get to the lighting store this week to find a new one.

13. I should really just bite the bullet and register for that creative writing class and commit to this THING!

14. What is it about setting goals that scares the shit out of me?

15. Nope, there is absolutely NO chocolate in this house. Don't even think about going to look for any!

16. I wish I could speak Mandarin.

17. Please God, don't let me screw up too badly as a parent and mess them up too much! Just enough to not be boring human beings.

18. (And this one I am adding because it is ALL I am thinking about now!) I am going to go to Costco and buy a VERY LARGE supply of post-its so that I never forget a great post idea ever again. {Thanks to @MrLady for the suggestion. I predict a very colourful computer screen/desk/kitchen counter/bedside table from now on!}

Now, carry on with your day.

Hugs and kisses,



This is Day 18 of the Summer Blog Challenge.

{And in the spirit of full disclosure, this is post #17 for me. I promise, I WILL catch up.}

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