Crap, this is harder than I remember...

I am sorry everyone. I am tired. I have a stupendous mother of a headache.

And I just can't get my mind to think straight tonight.

I don't remember this blogging for a month thing being so hard last time I did it.

I have a ton of great blog post ideas, really I do.

But once I get here, the words are just not coming out the way I want them to. (I have punted two posts already tonight.)

This CHALLENGE that I started is proving to be very, ummm... challenging!

NO! I am not giving up...

...but I am crapping out on you tonight with this as my post!

I need to clear my head. Go to bed before midnight and start fresh tomorrow.

Good night all.

This is me fooling around with Photobooth.

See, even when I am all 'thermal camera'd' I look tired!

Sleep tight,



This is my {crap out} of a post for Day 5 of the Summer Blog Challenge {31 Posts in 31 Days}

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