We are home.

Two full weeks in and it is official.

We made cookies.

Click here for the awesome recipe we used and yes, I have Appletini colored countertops!

We organized the new Play Room!

STUVA system from IKEA.

We christened the new appliances! (Not like THAT! Minds out of the gutters Mamas!)

Little C has taken it upon himself to be my official laundry sorter. (I win!!) AND I may be slightly in love with both my new washer/dryer and also having my laundry room on the main floor!

We walk the dog HERE every day!

This is literally steps from our front door. Ravine living FTW!!

And we flipped the switch and had our first evening by the very modern fireplace.

THIS is our home!

Our beautiful, dream come true, Natural Urban Home!