too much

Remember that time when I wanted to be all smart and political and help inform my fellow mamas about the upcoming election? AND I was moving into the Natural Urban Home that very same weekend? Yeah...

I did that. And now I  have completely overextended myself.

This move has been tough. I have been physically and emotionally exhausted every day this week and there is still so much to do to get us completely settled in the house. AND there are still a fair amount of outstanding projects that need completing in and around the house that I have to either supervise or be on hand for as well this coming week.

So I must apologize to all of you for promising more than I can deliver right now. I just can't research and write the posts about the parties and their platforms. If we had another month and not just a week before the Alberta provincial election, it would be doable, but I just can't deliver the caliber of post and information that I would want to (and that you deserve) given the time frame and my state of physical and mental ability!

It is now 10:41 PM on a Friday night and all I want to do is crawl to my bedroom and into my bed and sleep away the pain in my back (a trip to the lovely Dr. Josline at Bearspaw Chiropractic tomorrow will help with that too) and the headache that has been harassing me all day.

On a happier note, my awesome dining room table (the Dakota from Crate and Barrel) arrived yesterday and it is PERFECT!


My sincerest apologies everyone.