Breaking up is hard to do.

I think I am in denial. About moving that is.

We are two weeks away from our designated move-in date to the Natural Urban Home and I have packed a grand total of 16 boxes.

Every day I look around and I think to myself, "GET GOING WOMAN! What are you waiting for? All of this 'stuff' is not going to pack itself!" (No matter how much I wish and pray and dream for this to be true!)

As I peel back the layers of US from this house, I realize that I am having a hard time "breaking up" with our home.

This is the only real home that the four of us have known together and the one that has seen us grow together as a family.

This is the only home my children have experienced Christmas in. The house they took their first steps in and the one they first shared a room in. Every scratch in the hardwood in front of the built-in book-case is a reminder of hours and hours of baby and toddler play time on the floor.

This is the house that Natural Urban Dad and I built to heal us from our first home building experience and the results were so much more than we ever expected. A big part of that was our contractor, who thankfully is our current one as well, but living in this house has made us happy. Walking in the door every day to the warmth and coziness of our home, made us happy.

This is the home that welcomed massive playdates, family dinners (including the unforgettable Turkey Debacle of Christmas '07) and many nights of 'fire and wine' and me talking way too loud in the backyard. This is the home that had an open door policy for a certain little next door neighbour... and his daddy too (and this proximity will be missed by all of us)!

This was the home of the Natural Urban Mamas Store. The place where I met so many of my customers and clients and their beautiful little babies and taught a lot of mamas the art of babywearing. Where I stayed up late doing the books and often times even later searching for and finding all of the wonderful babywearing and natural parenting products for the store.

This is the home of milestone birthdays. My children's firsts and my fortieth.

A lot has happened in this house to shape me and my family... and so, I am procrastinating.

Next week we will start to slowly move our 'stuff' over to the Natural Urban Home. And I know it won't take long for this new house to become home for us. It too was built from love (and not just a little bit of personal blood, sweat and tears) and will open up a new chapter in the book of  Us. One that will be equally if not even more fantastic.

But for now... I am leaving the pictures up on the walls a little while longer, I am not really touching the kids rooms at all yet and I am savouring our last real week in our first family home.


P.S. And I really need to book a mover ASAP!! Any recommendations?