Yesterday was not the best of days. We ran into a snafu with the Natural Urban Home and I spent at least 4 hours with my contractor and one of the sub-contractors working on and coming up with a solution to the problem. I don't want to bore you with all the details, but it was a BIG one. And because of it, I felt like I was on the verge of throwing up all day yesterday. It is all straightened out today (thank GAWD!!) and the guys are back at work at the house fixing the problem and working very hard to give us exactly what we want. So that is a good thing.

What totally sucks though is that I feel like a Mac Truck rolled over me. I am so mentally and physically exhausted today that I am surprised I can even walk and talk properly. The bags under my eyes are so GINORMOUS that no amount of concealer would do the trick this morning and I was incredibly thankful that today was Pajama Day at music class. I just rolled the kids (and myself) out of bed and out the door. And yes, I am wearing sweats today... in public.

The good news is that the kids are finally down for a nap, I am about to go have one too and today ended up being a lovely fluffy mail day. My new Toad in a Tree top was waiting for me when we got home! Now, I am comfy and warm and about to hit my bed.

Sweet napping dreams y'all!