90 Days.

I am on a 90 day journey.

Yes, it is a fitness journey. And a food journey. And a self-esteem journey.

And it is going well so far.

My original goal when I started this journey was to 'fix' my body after the injury and then surgery that I had earlier in the year. To get my strength back and start to feel normal and not in pain every day. And to be able to walk up stairs like a grown-up as opposed to a two-year old. I went for physiotherapy and started a gentle workout regime and slowly started to heal and build up my strength.

I believe I have reasonably accomplished my first goal, but one can always be stronger!

My second goal when I committed in earnest and started working with a personal trainer, the amazing Jessica Zapata of Infinite Fitness, was to be able to fit into THIS bridesmaid's dress for my sister-in-law's wedding in October.

Tonight we had all of Natural Urban Dads siblings over for a BBQ and my SIL brought over the dress (we bought them in Calgary at a lovely little shop called Frocks, check it out if you are there). After everyone left, I tried it dress, fully expecting it to be WAY too tight for me to even do up the zipper.



So what does this mean? Is the journey over? Goal accomplished?

Um, NO.

This 90 Day Challenge is a journey of self-discovery amongst other things. Discovering just how far I can push myself (with the help of someone who does not see the limits I self-impose) and discovering what it means to live, eat and breath a healthy lifestyle.

I am doing things that I did not think possible with my body and my arthritis and my fake, metal hips and my crunchy knees. And maintaining a pretty clean, sugar-booze-pasta-bread-free diet too (with the help of the totally awesome Visalus Vi-Shakes). What kind of things you ask?

Well for one, (and trust me it may not seem like it to most people, but to me this is huge) I can JUMP! And there are some who even think that I can run too. Now I may not be the prettiest site you've ever seen doing these things, but I am moving and my body is moving in ways that it has not in many, many years.

And my body is changing too.

See....the numbers don't lie!

So to sum up...

Goal Number One-get stronger and heal from injuries. CHECK

Goal Number Two-Fit into the dress. CHECK

Now onto Goals 3 and 4...

I have three parts of my body that I really don't like. Underneath my arms (the waving part), my mommy-tummy (I call it the 5-pound breastfeeding burden) and my chubby knees! Goal number three involves the toning and tightening of all three of these areas along with all the rest of me too. Jessica tells me every time we work out that there is no such thing as spot reduction, and so I will continue to plug away and eat clean, workout and keep moving forward! And I know that these results will come with just a little bit more effort on my part.

And for Goal Number 4. I really want this goal to be something BIG. Something beyond fitting into those skinny jeans that have been hiding in the back of my closet for 4 years. I want it to be a challenge. A PHYSICAL challenge. And so far I can't think of what it should be. I am open to suggestions...

I'll let you know when I decide about Goal #4 and keep you updated on the progress I am making. Hopefully not too much or I'll be paying an arm and a leg for alterations! Oh, whatever, it will be SOOO worth it!!

In the mean time. Check me out in THE dress!!



P.S. Officially my 90 Day Challenge finishes on October 31. The journey however is one that I am committing to for a lifetime!


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