Hollywood deserves better Babywearing!

I saw this last night and almost peed my pants!! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4pZjCHjdPQ[/youtube]


First because I LOVE Will Arnett!  Umm, hello, Arrested Development is only THE funniest sitcom ever created!

And secondly because he probably just voiced the sentiments of hundreds of parents everywhere who are wearing a Baby Bjorn baby carrier!

Now I don't mean to keep harping on and on about this particular carrier, but it is the one that is seen the most in mainstream media and has the most pop culture references. There has even been a t-shirt made with it based on this:

"The Hangover"

And while this take on babywearing may indeed make for some funny TV and movie moments, it does nothing for new parents who see or know nothing else about baby carriers and wearing their babies.

So hear me Hollywood...Let ME be your Professional Babywearing Consultant. Let me help you incorporate proper, comfortable and well, let's face it, WAY more beautiful babywearing and baby carriers into your sitcoms, movies and TV commercials!

Poor Will deserves better!!

He deserves some Happy Babywearing!!


See the following posts for more info on why the bjorn-type of baby carriers are not ones that I recommend.

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