I cry. All the time.

And often not for any particular reason. I am just a very emotional person.

I cry when I talk about my kids.

I cry when I hear an amazing singer.

Ane Brun at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival

I cry when I am watching TV commercials.

I cry when I see a post about babies struggling to live.

I cry when I read a mother and child's birth story.

I cry after doing the 'Camel' pose in Bikram Yoga.

My heart is on my sleeve along with the tears I am wiping away with it!

I am watching the So You Think You Can Dance finale that I PVR'd and Neil and Melanie are dancing to 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' and I am about to lose it....

Yup, she just leaped 15 feet into his arms and I am tearing up!

I am like this about a lot of things. Big and small.

My emotions are very close to the surface. Always have been. And likely always will be.

Natural Urban Dad often looks at me funny when I start crying about something completely random. He just doesn't get it.

The thing is, I think that crying is good. For whatever reason.

Life can sometimes get overwhelming and a good cry over a silly cereal commercial or an inspiring blog post or a friend's facebook status can let all of that craziness OUT!

And I have a firm policy about both craziness and well, gas.....

Better out then in!!

So you have my permission to have a good hard cry...over nothing at all or over everything that you are holding inside.

Grab some tissues, let it out and let your partner look at you funny!

You will feel better afterwards, I know I always do.


P.S I am now crying because even though I am a day late, I love that Melanie just won SYTYCD!!


Summer Blog Challenge August 12, 2011