Every Mother Counts

I don't buy a lot of music these days. It gets downloaded, or watched on YouTube or listened to on one of the many Apple devices that are scattered throughout our home, but I am not doing a lot of going out and buying of an actual CD. Until recently.

And at Starbucks of all places.

A few weeks ago, I picked up the not one but TWO CDs at my local Starbucks coffee shop. The amazing new album from ADELE and another one called Mele O Hawaii (I believe we have already covered my love of Hawaii this week and I needed this one mostly because I was REALLY sick and tired of our six months of dreary winter).

I love both of these CDs and they have quickly become my new in-car listening tunes (Sorry Glee Volumes 1 and 2).

So, when I went to get a coffee earlier this week at a different Starbucks location, I noticed a new CD called Every Mother Counts. And, well, you just have to know that with a title like that, I was going to pick it up. And then seeing names like Ani Difranco and Martha Wainwright and Angelique Kidjo on it.....of course I bought it.

Then I actually got to my car, unwrapped the CD and put it in the player and love, love, LOVED every track on it.  I read the album cover and insert and learned more about why this amazing compilation was created and about the cause and the documentary that Christie Turlington has directed and is about to debut on Mother's Day weekend on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

And I was sold. On so much more than just a CD.

Here is the gist for you.

Christy Turlington suffered some pretty serious complications after the birth of her daughter. Luckily, she had a great team of health care professionals who worked quickly to remedy the situation and all ended well. But what she learned after this experience was that for over half a million women worldwide that is NOT the case, and the results are fatal....and 90% of these deaths are completely preventable!

Christy was inspired to make a documentary film about at risk pregnant women around the world and to share their stories, raise awareness of the problems that exist and "help create a mainstream maternal health movement that ensures the lives and well-being of mothers worldwide, for generations to come."


Birth and motherhood. Two things that are so, so dear to my heart. How could I not want to be involved and get involved in this movement?

So today when Christy tweeted that she wanted pictures of Canadians who had purchased the Every Mother Counts CD, I quickly snapped this and sent it her way.

And she tweeted back to me!! And now, after perusing the whole Every Mother Counts website and reading about the staggering worldwide maternal health statistics, I can't help but think of more ways to get involved and to take action.

I have the CD, which by the way, not only supports the cause, but also features some of the most amazing and talented female singers around (and yes, it has even bumped Glee Volume 3!) and I am now thinking that a local Edmonton Watch Party for "No Woman, No Cry' may be in order.

I am encouraging all of you to take action as well. There are many ways that you can do so and you can find them all here on the Every Mother Counts website.

So Mamas?  Can we Count YOU In?

Thank you,