This old house is on the move.

Well, it is Spring 2011 (sort of) and that means that if all is on track than we should be starting construction of our new house. We started this little family project last summer when we bought a new property not even 5 minutes from our current house. We have had five months of design work done and are almost set to 'break ground' and really get going. We are just waiting on a few more details from our architect and of course all the permits from the City.

There is some activity going on though. The house itself has been purchased by a nice family and it will be making the trip down to Calgary in the next week or so. Yes, believe it or not, it is possible to lift and move a two-storey house.


My son is loving this whole process and can't wait to see the house moved onto the truck. Although I am not sure if we will be able to accommodate that. The house moving guys tell me that the actual moving itself happens late at night to avoid major traffic.

We are all pretty excited about getting this house build going and this was step one of the process!

Now, I am off to get the kids and I some hard hats later this week!

Safety first!