Natasha's Pick of the Week: Ring Slings!

I love my ring slings!! The first baby carrier I ever bought was a ring sling and I still have it and still use it.

Ring slings are one of the three kinds of baby carriers that I think all parents should own (the other two being a wrap carrier and a soft-structured carrier).

And here are the reasons why I love ring slings:

  1. You can use a ring sling from day one of your baby's life! And because it is a one-size fits most kind of baby carrier, you do not have to get a specific size for either you or your child. (I carried my 4 lb premature son in ours almost everyday at home!)
  2. Kind of repeating myself here, but ring slings are adjustable. And that means that they can easily work for a 5' 2" Mama as well as the corresponding 6' 2" Daddy, as well as all sizes of babies!
  3. When babies start to move around more, ie, rolling, crawling, walking, they are usually in a constant state of what I call "the ups and downs". As in, please pick me up for a bit....Okay, now I want down....AND now I want up again....and down.... and I think you get the picture. A ring sling can be the perfect solution in this situation-it is easy to slip baby in and out of the sling to suit their ever-changing little minds!
  4. A ring sling is the perfect 'leave in the car' carrier. And this is where at least one of mine is at all times. I use it for when I have those days of multiple quick errands to run and I have to be in and out of the car. It is an easy carrier to use and get baby in and out of and in my opinion is a better alternative to carrying around the bulky and often very heavy baby + car seat.
  5. You can use a ring sling for your toddler. My daughter is two and a half years old and weighs about 30 pounds. Last weekend she fell down one step and twisted her ankle and has refused to walk on it now for about a week. And I don't know what I would have done with out my ring slings for both at home and when we have had to go out. I am also finding that at this age and weight, of all of my carriers (and I have over 20 of them) the ring slings and my woven wraps are proving to be the most comfortable to use with her.

We have a few different brands of ring slings at Natural Urban Mamas and I have used them all and personally think they are all fantastic. You really can't go wrong with any one of these great baby slings:

  • The gurumama Ring Slings are very nice because they have that little bit of designer fabric pizzazz on the 'tail' part of the sling, as well as a built-in zippered pocket.
  • The Ollie Golightly 100% Linen Ring Slings are at this point a very limited item. We only have three more of these and once they are gone, that is it (the creator of these has moved on to other career endeavors). I love these because the hand screen printed images on the tail part of the slings are gorgeous and the different colored bias ribbon to help with tightening makes these very user-friendly.
  • NEW Waterbaby Ring Slings from Babyette just arrived last week and this is the perfect carrier for your beach holiday, summer time at the splash park or pool or even just taking a shower with baby at home. They are made with a breathable, fast-drying, super-soft mesh material and they come in four different colors.
  • NEW 100% Cotton Batik Rings Slings from Babyette also arrived last week and we are so excited about these. The patterns were chosen specifically for Natural Urban Mamas, which makes these an exclusive item to us! Babyette Ring Slings are nice wide ring slings (read-plenty of fabric to support the shoulders of any size baby) and they have the most gorgeous and comfortable pleated shoulder detailing on them.

So go ahead Mamas, get yourself a ring sling and enjoy all there is about them and your babywearing time with your little baby!

And if you are local to the Greater Edmonton Area and need more information or hands-on instruction, be sure to check out our upcoming Basics of Babywearing Workshops and/or book a Private Babywearing Consultation with me.

Happy Babywearing Everyone!


P.S. Remember that proper positioning applies to all baby carriers, ring slings included and I do not recommend a cradle position or forward facing out position in these or any baby carrier.