30 Days of Truth: Day TEN - Someone I need to let go or wish I did not know.

I read an eye-opening post the other day and realized just a few lines into it that the writer and I have a mutual acquaintance. And unfortunately this is someone who I wish neither one of us knew. This person is NOT nice. She makes everyone she knows feel bad about themselves. And here is the thing-we ALL know her.  She comes by for visits when we are at our lowest lows, usually when what we need most is a hug and not her constant barrage of negativity.

She is that ugly voice in our head. The one that is always telling us that we are not good enough.

She has been to my house a fair amount these past few months as I have been dealing with a lot more than my usual share of stress and personal and physical upheaval, and she has had lots of oh, so lovely things to say to me.

You are a terrible mom. You need to do more with these kids. Of course they scream at each other, because you scream at them all the time. What are you doing eating MORE junk food. Get off the computer already and go spend some time with your husband.  Fold the freakin' laundry woman!

And the list goes on and on....

Her visits to me are all too frequent as of late and she really is a bitch.

I for one REALLY need to let her go. She drags me down and at times I can't help but listen to her and start to think she may be right.

I do know that she is not. Really I do.

So, I am going to try to shut her down and say goodbye to the bitch.

I know she will try to weasel her way into my head again, but I know the signs, I know how she operates and she will NOT be allowed in.

Yup, that is the plan.

I hope it works,