Me and my camera getting to know each other better.

I have a fabulous new friend.  Her name is Linda Patterson of Timeless Edge Photography and she is great!  Not only does she take amazing pictures (have you seen my new avatar?), she is my new photography mentor.  She is also the kind of photographer who makes photo shoots fun, never goes for the canned shot and truly loves what she does.  And she gets goosebumps when she gets "THE" shot! Every time I am with her, she gives me little bits of advice and tips about how to improve my picture taking.  Like did you know that you can use a tissue over your flash to give that diffused light look?  Or how about the "S-curve"? That oh-so-flattering way that movie actresses and supermodels always stand when getting pictures taken on the red carpet.  Or the one that has made the biggest difference for me is placement of your subject in the picture. Never in the middle, always in the upper or lower corners of your view frame.

So that being said, here is a sampling of my 'work' lately behind the camera.  A few nature shots in my mom's garden and a couple of shots of my little muses.  What do you think?

Say cheese, Natasha~