The Importance of Breastfeeding: X-Men and Faberge Shampoo.

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Why is breastfeeding important to me?

Breastfeeding is important to me because it is not what is 'best' for baby it is what NATURE intended for our children. It is this incredible function of our human bodies that in some miraculous way produces THE perfect food for our babies, at the perfect time and in the perfect amount. Now a lot of you are going to say, no way Natasha, that is not true, it doesn't always happen like that, and you are right, for some mamas it is not perfect. But that does not mean that it was not intended to be and I think that everyone should at least TRY to breastfeed their babies, if only for a few months (but please try for the recommended 6 months).

Breastfeeding is also important to me because I know that breast milk is the most amazing liquid known to (wo)man. It has healing powers, immunity building powers, and disease fighting powers. It's like the Wolverine of baby food (he can heal himself and he fights the bad guys in X-Men)!

Why is breastfeeding important to my children?

That is an easy one. For my son, my breast milk was the most important element of his growth and health. I felt like it was my duty to give him as much of it as I could and for as long as he needed it to ensure that he kept growing and developing as close to his peers as possible. He is probably always going to be on the small side, but he is one healthy little guy. The kid has rarely been sick, and when he was and food was not something he was interested in, he would always still want to nurse. When my daughter was born, I think the transition to big brother was easier for him as well because he was still nursing. We never had any real jealousy issues and he loved to tandem nurse with 'his' baby sister.

Nursing has also always been a place of comfort for my kids. It is the universal bandage for all wounds, emotional and physical and I am so thankful for that and sometimes amazed as well. And sometimes it is simply a nice place for them to hang out and for the most part, I am OK with that.

Why is breastfeeding important to my family and my community?

My family has always been incredibly supportive of my decision to breastfeed my children and to extend breastfeeding as well. I am sure it was not always easy for them, my brother-in-law is just now starting to NOT leave the room when I am nursing my daughter, but they know how important it is to me and don't question or tell me to stop or any of the other things that I know happen to a lot of other mamas.

As far as my community goes, I think that breastfeeding is an important activity for new mamas that needs to be encouraged and seen as the norm and not the exception. I kind of look at it like that old '80's Faberge shampoo commercial, you see two mamas nursing and they see two more and so on and so on and so least that is my hope.

Happy Nursing Everyone! Natasha~

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