Words to live by.....

Last week was a sad one for me.  A friend and former colleague (from my pharma days) went missing on July 3rd and was found dead on July 5th (although not reported, she had taken her own life).  I will admit that it had been more than a few years since we had last talked and I would hear about her life from other friends and sometimes through Facebook.  Last year around this same time, I attended the funeral of another friend and special soul who had also decided to end her life. Both of these women, in my opinion had something in common--they were GIVERS.  They constantly gave of themselves, they were incredibly generous of spirit, and would wholeheartedly give their time, their love and laughter, their talents, and their souls.  So, I can only guess (because I don't think anyone ever knows for sure) that they were both just fully spent - physically, emotionally and mentally - and had nothing more to give.  I can only hope that the end that they chose for themselves gave them both the peace and freedom that they needed and could not find on this earth.

At the memorial service this week, the family came across a memo and list that had been left by my friend in her room and they put it in the program.  I would like to share this list with you now.  I think that her words are extremely powerful and meaningful and yet so simple.  If ever there where words to live by, I think these might be them.  What do you think?

"10 Things To Remember
1. Faith - There is a higher purpose
2. Divinity - We are divine
3. Trust - We are being taken care of
4. Appreciation - of all things all the time
5. Don't Stress Out - Balance
6. Patience is Virtuous
7. Boredom doesn't exist
8. Honor Yourself - give self credit
9. Protect yourself from bad energy
10. LOVE"
For Sheri and Paula.