I lost a week of my life....

....because we were all sick.  We all had the nastiest of head colds for a week in January and I seriously did not leave the house that whole week.  It was not good :(  And in the mean time I really feel like a week of my life was lost.  My son missed three days of school (which is a lot when you only go 2 times a week) and the week after, I was so confused.  I could not remember what day it was, what we had planned, where we were supposed to be, it was terrible, I was in such a snotty fog!I know quite a few people who have had a rough January.  There has been lots of sickness going around  (Norwalk flu, colds, H1N1) and if any month needed to be a do-over, than I think January 2010 is the one.

On a happier and healthier note, it is now February and things are looking better already.  We are all recovered from the colds, I know what day it is, and I am looking forward to so many great things this year.  Not the least of which is our trip to Maui in a few months!! I twisted DH's arm and convinced him that we all need a holiday and so we are going back to the beach!  My son is very excited and has taken to sleeping with his stuffed humpback whale that he got last time we went.

The down side to this is that I have just realized that I have to be in a bathing suit in two and a half months!!  And so, in preparation for this, I have read the Body for Life for Women book and am getting going on my 12 week Challenge.  It is a pretty straightforward plan and I am trying to fit into (and look good in) one of my pre-pregnancy bikinis.  Here's hoping it all goes according to the plan!

Take care everyone, Natasha~