I love my dog!


In case you didn't know, I actually have three children.  One furry and two human.  Willow was our first 'baby'.  My hubby and I always wanted to get a dog together and so when we moved out of our condo into our first house, we found Willow and brought her home with us.  Those early days with her were very similar to having a newborn in the house.  She slept in our room in her crate, we were up with her every few hours to let her out to go pee, we worried about how much she ate and drank, what her poo looked like, and was she happy.  She got walked twice a day, every day and we headed out to the dog park every weekend with her.  It was a simpler time just the three of us.

And then we had kids.

Now don't get me wrong, Willow is a very loved dog.  Especially by my kids.  One of the first signs that  Leryn did was DOG and she still does it every morning when she sees Willow.  Calis is at a point now where he wants to 'take care' of Willow.  He gets her her food for her bowl and he insists on walking her 'all by himself' when we go out for our walks.

I worry though that she is not getting enough from me.  Enough exercise, enough cuddles, enough stimulation....enough love.  I guess that is a mother's lot, no matter who or what your kids are.  You worry that you are not doing enough....does that feeling ever go away?  I doubt it.

That being said, I love my dog.  Even though sometimes she is an allergy-prone, smelly, garbage-digging, rabbit poo-eating, cheese whore.  She is mine and was from the first time she put her head on my knees at the breeder's farm and looked deep in my eyes, as if to say  "Mommy, take me home."

And I did.