Crafty Mama

I am NOT crafty.  Well, compared to Amanda, I really am not.  She does so much it's kind of insane (but in a good way).  That said, she is an inspiration and has gotten me to do a lot more than I ever have before. So, for my daughter's first birthday, after reading a few of my new favourite blogs (which I will tell you about a little later), I decided to fully embrace this side of me and unleash my inner 'Crafty Mama'.

Leryn loves the book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see?" by Eric Carle and Bill Martin Jr.  We have been reading it to her pretty much since she was born.  It is her number one request, especially when she is sitting on her potty.  And her favourite animal in the book is Purple Cat.  So, I decided to have a Brown Bear themed party for her.

My BFFs mom works at this great little quilting shop in Stony Plain called 'Sewing with Class' and on one of my visits there I discovered some great Eric Carle Brown Bear fabric.  And thus it started.....

I decided to make all of the kids little rice pillows (to warm up or cool down) with each of the animals.  I borrowed my mom's sewing machine and with a little warm up I was off and running (sewing) and I don't think I did too bad for my first real sewing project.  Here is a sampling of my handiwork.  The big plus here being that these are completely useful party favors, non-plastic, homemade and they were a great hit with all the kids!

I had been looking online for a few weeks for a fabric birthday banner and just could not find one that I really liked and that was not too expensive (these go for around $25.00-$50.00 USD).  Given that I was planning on making the pillows, I thought I would try to make this as well.  I found a great mama blog with a tutorial on how to make one and so crafty project number two was born.  I went to Fabricland and got a bunch of sort-of coordinating fat corners from the quilting section. These are the perfect size for making the banner flags.  Here are a few pics of the process and the final results.  I think it turned out pretty darn good and I plan to use this as her birthday banner for years to come.  I am looking forward to making another one for Calis' birthday in December.

Finally, the cake.  Of course it had to be Purple Cat.  I made three cakes-one 9X13, one square and one round.  My hubby sketched out the cat to the size we needed and then we cut the cake to match and pieced it together.  I was a little disappointed with the icing colors and will head to Michael's next time and get the actual food colours I need instead of trying to mix primary colours.   I think it turned out OK, even if it is not quite as purple as in the book.

All in all it was a good party.  Leryn was getting a bit tired towards the end and really was not that into her cake, but she did enjoy it quite a bit the next day (unfortunately I did not manage to get a picture of this).

I still have one more present to make her--I ordered more of the Brown Bear fabric from the Eric Carle Museum and will be making her a little toddler pillow.  Who knows, maybe the crafty mama gene has just been dormant in me and I needed a little encouragement (thanks Amanda) and inspiration (thanks Leryn) to get her to rear her patchwork head!

Now to plan my beautiful boy's third birthday party, and Christmas gifts and more birthdays and....oh the craft projects and possibilities are endless.....

Thank you to the following ladies and their VERY helpful blogs and online tutorials....

Erika at mikodesign,  Blair at wise craft and Sharon at motherhoodtheultimatesurvivor .