It's Baby Signing Time!!

I know a lot of people sign with their kids. What I did not know was how amazing the process can be. I signed with Calis late, and mostly just the basics (more, milk, please, thank you, help). We have been signing with Leryn since she was old enough to pay attention and the last few weeks have been amazing around here! I say we, because it really is a family effort--Calis signs with her, Daddy signs with her and of course I sign with her as much as I can. And thanks to a lovely mommy that I met at the library one day, we discovered the Baby Signing Time series by Rachel Coleman. These are an amazing series of DVDs that help you and your baby learn to sign together. They are filled with catchy songs, babies signing and some cute animations. Both of my children love to watch these DVDs and it is 'Baby Signing Time' at least once a day in our house.

Leryn is 10 and a half months old and has at least 5 easily recognizable signs already. She has also started playing peek-a-boo with us (see photo) and blowing kisses at everyone. It really is wonderful to see her make a connection between what she is seeing and 'saying'. Just yesterday I took the kids to the museum and her favourite thing was seeing all the animals in the Wild Alberta exhibit and signing 'dog' over and over while looking at the wolves.

You can check these great videos out at your local Edmonton Public Library (or check out your own city's library) and in case you did not know this or do not have a one already - your kid(s) can get a library card for free. Our favourite place these days is the new Lois Hole library in Callingwood. It makes for a great outing with the kids and they also have some really good story time programs for little ones too (and best of all, it is all free)!

I encourage everyone to get signing with your babies, I am really hoping that it will limit the amount of frustration and tantrums that happen around here. At least it can't hurt and it is so much fun watching my kids communicate with me and with each other!

Happy Baby Signing Time everyone!