Things I can't live without (and neither can my kids).

When my kids do something they really commit. Like teething. Seriously. Little C did not get teeth until he was 11 months old, but when he finally did start teething, he got his first 4 all at the same time, and then another 4 and so on, and so on. He is just now getting his 2 year molars-ALL at the same time and it is taking FOREVER! Leryn is also teething right now and like her brother before her, doing so with gusto and getting three top teeth all at once.

You'd think that given the state of teething in this house, that we would be buying stock in the baby acetaminophen market....and you would be wrong. Both of my kids wear Baltic Amber Teething necklaces practically 24/7 and I am not sure what I would do without them. L will cry and reach for her neck if I forget to put it back on after her bath and once it is on, she settles immediately. She has been wearing her necklace since her first bottom tooth made its appearance and will probably have it on for the next two years! C also loves his necklace and is at a point now that he knows that if he has it on his teeth won't hurt as much. Plus he likes it when he and his sister are "the same, Mommy".

We hear time and again from different mamas how great the amber necklaces work. Amanda's daughter Amber had a very bad case of drooling while she was teething, but once she started wearing her amber necklace it essentially stopped. So, if you are dealing with a teething little one and are reluctant to keep using drugs to try to ease their pain, try one of these and trust me, you will not be disappointed. And you may even get a few more hours sleep.....

We have lots of different colors and styles in stock and they come in 2 sizes (medium ~13 inches, and large ~ 14 inches). Baltic Amber is also great for big people and easing pain due to arthritis, fibromyalgia and a variety of other aches and pains. We have bracelets and necklaces in stock for moms and dads too. Check them all out under 'Natural Baby' or 'Natural Mama' on our site.

Cheers all, Natasha~