I LOVE Mei Tais!

For those of you who don't know me, I have an obsession--and no it is not Edward Cullen!! Admitting it is the first step right? Although, I am not sure that this is something that I want to give up....I LOVE baby carriers! I just counted and I have 13 different baby carriers. Now some might think this is a bit much-but I honestly have used and continue to use them all (at different stages of my babies lives).

At the moment, I am a little bit nuts over Mei Tais (I now have three of them!). And what is a Mei Tai some may ask? A Mei Tai is a very simple two shouldered baby carrier that is designed after a traditional asian baby carrier. It is a strap tied around your waist, a panel of fabric to support baby and two more straps for across your shoulders. It is by far the easiest baby carrier to use and is suitable for all ages of babies, from newborns right up to toddlerhood.

I am happy to say that Natural Urban Mamas now carries two styles of Mei Tais and they are both fabulous. We have just restocked our basic Mei Tais and you just have to know that these are truely one of a kind--Amanda and I get to custom pick the fabrics for these. Get one while you can, because they tend to go quickly!

Our newest addition is called Mangobaby and ooooooh, they are beautiful!!! (That's me and my girl in the picture in our new Mangobaby). If you want a traditional Mei Tai, then I don't think you will find anything closer out there. These are designed after the southern style of Mei Tai that is still popular in China today, and they have preserved a lot of the traditional method of construction. I have been wearing Leryn in it for the last few weeks and it is by far the easiest back carry I have ever done. The straps are contructed so that you can do a traditional 'Twist and Tuck' method of "tying" when doing a back carry. This works great for me and for anyone else who may have shoulder problems and difficulty tying things behind your back. The other plus with this mei tai is that because the straps are so wide, you can even do a front outward facing carry for those babes that just like to see the world unfold in front of them. And best of all these beautiful carriers are 100% made in Canada.

Our stock is limited for these so if you are interested or if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us (email or call).

Have a great weekend everyone and happy baby wearing!!