Natasha Chiam

About Me...

Ah, so you’ve clicked here to find out more about me? 

Well the basics are – I’m an idea cultivator, writer, social activist, and public speaker.

I write my articles here to help connect the dots between the issues of feminism, parenting, and sustainable, simple living.

I asked my friend, Marissa, what my super powers are and she said I’m an “incredible binding agent that builds foundations for community and understanding, particularly in times of chaos.” I think she says that because she came to the hospital when this was happening in our lives, but I also think it's because she feels bad for what her first impressions of me were before we had officially met.

I asked myself what my superpowers are and I think it’s my ability to think critically and ethically, with an eye towards the greater good, and the fact that I am an eternal optimist who truly believes that each and every one of us can be that one person who can change the world (and that these changes are cumulative).

Let's see... what else?

  • I believing in disturbing the status quo (I’m a shit disturber, because I can.)
  • I prefer to take the road less travelled (in great shoes and often without a map.)
  • I try to let my vulnerability show, so that others will not be afraid to do so as well (You can do it!)

The Canadian Prairies are where I’m from. Edmonton, AB is my location. Across a ravine filled with coyotes and jackrabbits, with my husband, our two children, and my dear old dog, well, that’s my home.

Everything else is somewhere in between.


Oh, you are still here.

Ok, well, if you want to know even more about me and what I write about, here are a few of my more popular posts...

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