breastfeeding support in Edmonton

hospital breastfeeding clinics

Edmonton Breastfeeding Clinic
Misericordia Child Health Clinic
Unit 3 West, 16940 87 Ave NW
Edmonton AB T5R 4H5
T 780.735.2577
(physician referral only)
Dr. Shirley Gross, IBCLC
Karen Grue, IBCLC

Grey Nuns Community Hospital
Child Health Clinic
1100 Youville Dr W NW
Edmonton AB T6L 5X8
T 780.450.7346
F 780.450.7444
Mary Ann Bilous, IBCLC
Kathy Borgstorm, IBCLC
Dr. Geeta Sukhrani, IBCLC

Royal Alexandra Hospital
Breastfeeding Clinic
2nd fl, Children’s Pavilion
10240 Kingsway Ave NW
Edmonton AB T5H 3V9
T 780.735.4626
F 780.735.4071 
Madeline Hegholz, IBCLC

private breastfeeding consultants

Lee-Ann Grenier, LE, CBE, LLL Leader or (780) 571-4039

Erie Melnychuk, RN, BScN, IBCLC

Kim Johnstone, IBCLC, LLL Leader

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